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Designer Fashion for the Big & Tall

Big and Tall – and Proud of It

Whether making it through the dreary winters or waiting for those cool summer nights hovering just over the horizon, clothing will change from season to season and year to year, but one thing remains constant: Grover & Sons will continue being the big and tall clothier of choice amongst men living in Montreal and surrounding areas.

Weighing a little bit more, or being slightly taller, doesn’t mean you’ll be stuck wearing clothes that don’t fit around your waist, or comes up short lengthwise. Nor should you wear sweatpants because no local boutiques have big and tall men’s clothing to your liking. There’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t wear relaxed dress slacks, comfortably fitting dress shirts and feel comfortable wearing bedtime attire.

Grover & Sons wants to make sure that you go for that perfect look to reveal your body and highlight your taller or larger stature. Self-confidence is possibly the first noticeable trait women, interviewers and other businessmen look for; the prouder you present yourself, the better you’re epitomized. That’s why Grover & Sons started in this business 88 years ago – to help exemplify the bodies of big and tall men by dressing them confidently.

Today’s socially active man commands time for family, careers and personal reflection. Feeling good about the way you dress, and how you will appear before peers, is one facet of career, relationship and personal development that’s extremely important.

When trying to interact in social environments, men shouldn’t be forced to feel inadequate because their gait is slightly different than your ‘average’ man. Grover & Sons wants to dress you for success in all areas of life. Our prices, selection and delivery accuracy are just some reasons our big and tall store is highly heralded across Montreal, and Quebec.

Shop our wide selection of big and tall men’s clothing and see just how good you’ll look after being properly fitted. Our expert staff knows the perfect man starts with an excellent look, and we’re prepared to give you the most accurate measurements with just enough looseness to feel confident.

Remember, ‘average’ is for amateurs; big and tall is for champions, and is what women want in today’s social realm. Let us dress you to succeed in whatever business or personal path you walk daily. Start your shopping with us by navigating our site by clothing item or brand.