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Vêtements pour les hommes grands et forts


A businessman is always on the go, whether he’s flying halfway around the world to meet with a client, or he’s presenting in front of the board of directors, it’s important he looks and feels good in his suit. Often times, big and tall men have a more difficult time finding a suit that fits the way it should. Although unjustly dismissed by some as stuffy and outdated, the suit is still one of the fundamental pieces of clothing in a man’s closet, and its versatility should not be underestimated.

As a bigger or taller man, you may find it hard to find the perfect suit at regular retailers. There’s a good reason suits are so often tailored and customized for hours by professional craftsmen, but this can burn a hole in your pocket very quickly. Surely there must be some sort of compromise to find the perfect outfit without having to lighten your wallet in the process.

For almost any attire, the key element is not just what you wear, but how you wear it. This is particularly true when it comes to suits. Choosing the right one is practically an exact science – a good fit will highlight your best features, boost your confidence and demonstrate your sophistication. On the other hand, a bad fit can make you feel awkward, uncomfortable, stiff or outright ridiculous.

Here at Grover & Sons, it is our mission to help big and tall men find the ideal suit at an affordable price. We carry pieces in over 30 size variations, and if you still don’t find the perfect fit, we carry out alterations to the chest, bust, inseam and waist areas to fit unique body shapes.

We carry a wide selection of fashionable, 100% wool suits and blazers from Jack Victor and S. Cohen. Our experienced staff can help you choose the right suit style and color. Whether you’re looking for a light grey suit for office work, a classic dark suit for a wedding, or a bold and colorful blazer for a party, we’ve got you covered. With free shipping on all orders over $250, you should pick up a few dress shirts, ties, and a pair of dress shoes made especially for big and tall men.

A family business, Grover & Sons has been proudly serving men since 1925, making them look and feel their best. When shopping with Grover & Sons, you become part of our family, and we’re not satisfied until you walk out content with you purchase. We guarantee our clothes won’t just make you look good, they’ll make you feel exceptional as well.

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14 article(s)