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Vêtements pour les hommes grands et forts


Our Tailored Big and Tall Suits

Your wedding is the most important day of your life, and all eyes will be on you during the monumental ceremony. It’s important to look stylish, sophisticated and relaxed during the entire process. Your suit needs to fit perfectly, complimenting your body shape and appear flattering on camera. There’s a great deal of organization and time management involved as well, and a wedding can definitely be overwhelming at times. When it coms to finding the perfect wedding attire, Grover & Sons knows how to make a big and tall guy look great in a suit.

Besides a wedding, the corporate world requires men to wear suits at all times (unless it’s a casual Friday). At Grover & Sons, we carry suits for the big and tall corporate man who needs to look impeccable for important presentations and roundtable meetings. Many businessmen are also required to travel around the globe to meet with clients, negotiate deals, and build relations with foreign countries. During your travels, it’s important to look professional in a tailored suit by Grover & Sons. Properly fitted suits carry an aura of office confidence or are a symbol of respect during important gatherings, offering something more than your quintessential khaki pants and button-up shirt.

We carry a range of brands including Cohen and Jack Victor, which are offered in a variety of stunning colours at affordable and competitive prices. Since our company generally specializes in altering men’s clothing, our clients can expect to fit perfectly in their suits and dominate any situation.

What suits you? Prefer the more neutral gray blazer and matching slack for office meetings, or want to exhibit that slightly risqué side by dressing in pink and black? Our knowledgeable staff can match any suit, shirt and tie with your specific occasion as well as your width, and height. We’re here to make you feel and look good. Our satisfaction comes when a big and tall man walks out the door feeling confident in his new suit.

Affordability is another common factor when men are shopping for big and tall suits. Since we’re able to offer an entire ensemble for much less than you’d expect, you can have multiple suits for different occasions. A lot of our clients buy three suits at a time, and reserve one suit for business, one for pleasure, and one as a backup just in case. Plus, we offer free shipping when you spend $250 or more when you shop online.

We offer trendsetting styles, unbeatable prices, and alterations that take into account all shapes and sizes. If you tried to find a suit before and have failed, don’t worry, you’ll be taken care of here at Grover & Sons. Our professional tailors can alter the chest, bust, inseam, and waist of any suit.

When you need the best selection of men’s clothing for work, weddings, dates, meeting new business partners, or whatever the occasion may be, count on Grover & Sons to suit your body perfectly, affordably, every time. Fitting our clients with our big and tall suits has been a family tradition since 1925; we look forward to continuing that tradition with you!

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2 article(s)