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Vêtements pour les hommes grands et forts


Socks remain an important item in your wardrobe, especially if you’re a large man. With all undergarments, the crucial factor when choosing socks is comfort. Due to the fact they hug your legs and feet and because you spend so much time wearing them, socks can quickly turn into a hindrance or a borderline torture device, particularly if they’re too tight for your feet. With “uniformity” being the watchword in today’s clothing commerce, men may find it harder to find socks that feel comfortable and are easy to wear. Enter Grover & Sons, with an assortment of socks made specifically for big and tall men.

Designed with wide feet in mind, the KB Designs Extra Wide Comfort Fit dress socks will help you leave the days of sore, constricted feet behind without sacrificing the tasteful dignity related to formal attire for big and tall men. Available in a variety of colors from black to navy blue, they go perfectly with any of the suits in our collection.

For those who cannot wear tight socks for medical reasons, diabetic socks are also an option. Most socks have a binding band or an elastic cord for a better fit. However, this restricts blood circulation in the leg, which can cause foot ulcers and blisters in diabetic individuals. Diabetic socks are made to fit without an elastic cord, offering unparalleled comfort and improved blood circulation. To avoid sores, they also are made with a special frictionless seam.

If you have ever jogged or hiked over rough terrain, the odds are good that you’ve experienced some discomfort or even pain in the soles of your feet. Fans of any sports and activities that involve walking or running may want to consider the McGregor Sport socks for their cushioned soles that help protect the feet from impacts. Socks with cushioned soles keep your feet not only safe and comfortable but also warm, making them ideal in for big and tall men who play winter sports.

At Grover & Sons, our goal is to ensure big and tall men feel comfortable in their clothes, especially their socks. With free shipping on all orders over $250, our prices are sure to blow your socks off!

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9 article(s)